The Cuauhtémoc Stadium, FC PUEBLA team home, is the firts stadium in America covered on the entire facade with ETFE. The surface of the facade has 30,000 square meters made with ETFE. All the design and engineering work made by Dünn Lightweight Architecture.



The Cuauhtemoc is a football soccer stadium located in the city of Puebla. Belonging to the State Government (Puebla) it has an capacity of 51.726 spectators, making it the sixth largest stadium in Mexico.

Inaugurated on October 6, 1968 for the Olympic Games held in Mexico. It has also hosted two World Cup Championship events. After 47 years of use, our team was given the privilege to be a n integral part of this much needed makeover.


Create a new and iconic facade using ETFE technology; all this with an extremely tight schedule.



Retrofit the facade with an innovative design. To achieve this, Dünn proposed the use of a ETFE, a material never before used in Mexico.


Originally with the façade the Cuauhtémoc stadium would be made with a glass material of different colors which means that it had already an engineer and previous analysis. Dünn gave the re-engineering a conceptualized original design, adding to the value, reducing the overall weight and cost, also, the appearance utilizing the material ETEFE, which has a lot of competitive advantages in comparison with the glass.

The original facade was created in a 8mm glass weighing 24 kilos for m2, making it a tempered glass that also would require a very heavy secondary structure to sustain the crystal and its weight, through Dünn the proposal of the ETFE, in which achieved a lesser weighted material of 24 kilos at 300 kilos by m2, also reducing the steel structure that sustains a structure from 2500 tons to only 1000 tons.

DÜNN always delivers and likes to be at the peak of technology, at the moment to present the opportunity to construct the façade for the Cuauhtémoc sadium although in America the material ETFE didn’t exist, Dünn decided to travel to Germany to find who fabricated the machine which crafts the material through a fabrication laboratory that could tailor a machine for Dünn, guaranteeing the quality material and security in regards to the engineering of the material.


Dünn calculated from the foundation of the steel, the ETFE system, as cables and accessories, the calculation of the steel was specialized with a lot of different forms and curves, anchors and special hinges for fastening the ETFE.

The process of the project was a challenge due to the short time of execution available, with 300 people working on the stadium with double turns, as well as having 15 self propelled cranes for the placement of the steel structure. Working together with various architects and engineers leading the project; all of the fabrication made of the steel was done in a plant by Dünn.

The work for the Cuauhtémoc stadium was an integrated project which Dünn fabricated and installed all of the metallic structure; 1000 tons of steel.


The facade is made up of 124 randomly placed ETFE panels that form mosaics in different shades of blue, white and transparent. At day time the facade is visible in its original colors, at night time the facade can be illuminated with different colors through the use if LED lighting creating a live screen. The Cuauhtemoc has the largest single layer ETFE facade in the world today.