The IIHS is an independent body created in the 1960´s and dedicated to measuring the level of safety in motor vehicles today. The vehicles are tested and rated in their facilities.



The IIHS is an independent organization that is dedicated to measuring the security levels of automobiles and has existed in the market for 40 years.  The vehicles are evaluated through tests of all kinds and are executed throughout the assembly and instillation process. The technology used by IIHS to measure the security of the automobiles has evolved greatly over time.


To execute some exterior tests on the automobiles, the IIHS needed a covered track with a measurement of 100 meters wide and 300 meters long in order to place a system of radars, as well as a system of sensors and monitors, to test the cars that drive automatically without a driver. The institution required a ceiling with minimum heights at 30,000 m2 without any central support.



The design was inspired by the environment of Ruckersville, VA. The shape of the dome is reminiscent of snowy mountains and its shear size was achieved by placing a central arch (highest point) and laying three smaller subsequential arches to the right and three to the left. By doing this we managed to meet a clear span of over 328 feet without any central support.


All of the engineering and the architectural portions of the project were done by DÜNN architecture in Mexico, who made an analysis with a wind tunnel in order for the tridimensional model to be analyzed with a wind tunnel that could reach the velocities of the regional winds in Ruckersville, Virginia. Also DÜNN considered the amount of snowfall through taking the highest measurements of snowfall in history and used that information to base on the structure of the membrane, taking into account all cases climatically possible to guarantee the security of the project.

The whole structure was fabricated in Mexico and sent to Virginia, there is where the process of assembling the structure with a local construction company began, but supervised and coordinated by DÜNN architecture. In conjunction with Serge Ferrari in fabricating the membrane, a special membrane design was used for the project, the 1502 t2 High Translucency, this membrane is the membrane with the highest amount of translucency that is available right now, 1502 t2 45,000 m2 was especially fabricated  for DÜNN and this project in particular.

All of the preparation of the membrane was done in Mexico and the instillations by DÜNN. 6 large pieces of membrane of more than 5000 m2 were prepared and later installed at the site.

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More than 30,000 sqf of covered area without any central support that will allow IIHS to conduct year round car safety tests. The IIHS has recognized Dunn by our outstanding design and professionalism in solving all technical challenges for such a complex project.

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